“You can not manage what you do not measure.”

Scott Gilligham dvm, d.apcv

The MAXIMUS Solution is a state-of-the-art upgradable system for poultry, hog and dairy farming.

The Maximus is a centralized controller system that simplifies livestock facility management. Whether your facilities are for poultry farming, hog farming or dairy farming, the Maximus will monitor your infrastructure and simplify your day-to-day management.

MAXIMUS Controller and all its features



“Brain in the barn, brain in your hand, brain in the office.”

Tom Stein, DVM, MS, PhD

The Maximus Software is an information system for livestock data. It provides detailed information about your productivity and the well being of your livestock. It’s real time data, allowing you to make real time adjustments to minimize risk and maximize results. The best part is that Maximus Software can be integrated into the Maximus Controller.

Maximus Software is a cloud-based application.
That means you can use it from anywhere, as long as you have Internet:

Fully customizable centralized
CONTROL system

Fully customizable centralized
CONTROL system

Fully customizable centralized
CONTROL system

Such versatility and flexibility means less stress for you and better results for your farm.

Maximus Software is a tool to aid livestock producers in decision-making that provides summary and detailed results of technical and economic performance data to help them and their employees improve livestock management.

Maximus Software is a Web-based suite of applications that can be integrated with the MAXIMUS Controller. All you need is an Internet connection. Multiple devices are supported (PC, iPad, Mac, tablet, smartphone).

Discover the advantages of the MAXIMUS feature : THE EGG FLOW

The Egg Flow regulates and adapts the speed of the conveyor belts to ensure both safe and quicker transport of the eggs from the nest or cage to the egg packer, in perfect synchronization. This functionality makes for fewer dirty and cracked eggs. Quicker transport guarantees a quicker temperature control of the egg. In terms of labor management it helps save time and improves the workstation ergonomics.

An important part of the Maximus management system.


  • Every egg production building is different The Maximus Egg Flow system allows all buildings to work seamlessly
  • Maximus manages the situation efficiently,
    whether it is for one building or more,
    in broiler-breeders as well as in table egg-layers


  • Noticeable increase of usable eggs
  • Fewer eggs damaged, dirty or cracked
  • Better management of the environment and respect of the egg microbiology
  • Flock monitoring and egg performance

How does it works?

  • Maximus controls the speed of belts, rows and conveyors to ensure a steady flow of eggs for the packer
  • Maximus makes sure to provide a constant supply of eggs, taking into account the traffic density of each tributary and adapting the belt
    speeds of nests or cages, elevators,
    and conveyors


  • Soft rolling, reduced breakage due to wear
  • Cooling cycle

Working stations

  • Optimized flow
  • Improved ergonomics and work pace
  • Significantly reduced labor cost, which can be assigned to other tasks (ground eggs, maintenance)

Access, Biosecurity and Chore monitoring


  • Lock and unlock your MAXIMUS using RFID access card
  • Prevent unusual users to modify your settings
  • Use Management Report

Chore monitoring

  • Give you information on chores and tasks performed on the farm


  • Manage building and room access
  • Movement control for employees, service providers and visitors
  • Denied any users that are not supposed to be in the farm


  • Establish a controlled access zone.

  • Maintain an employee and visitor log including the date, time, and location of the most recent pig or animal contact.

  • Respect the movement of the Biosecurity Pyramid – Commercial to Nucleus and by age sequence, from younger to older animals in Finishing Production.

  • Inside facilities with potential animal contact, restrict access to approved people.

The Maximus System does all of the above and more!

  • Sophisticated access and movement control for employees, service providers, visitors.

  • Establishment of restricted access zones and restrictions.

  • Respect for the sequence and direction of movements from one production site to another to reduce risks of pathogen transmission.

  • Automatic log keeping, in real time, of all comings and goings indicating people, places, and time.

  • Option of remotely monitoring, in real time, all movements on your production sites, and of customizing settings via your smart phone.