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Grandview Farms is a family farm, owned and managed by the family for 5 generations.  Over the years they continue to grow and now have 11,000 sows, farrow to finish.

Challenge  When looking at the software Grandview wanted to improve efficiencies, reduce the time spent with recordkeeping and have more control.  Other considerations were to be web-based, real-time and cost effective.  Grandview was ready to change from a traditional record keeping system where they kept sow cards, transferred the data weekly to data sheets, and those data sheets were sent into the office for data entry.  As you can imagine this process is not very efficient, not to mention the data corrections that were needed. With a traditional system real-time reporting was not an option, data was sometimes up to 4 weeks behind.   Data access and reporting were very limited as the data was stored off site on a local system.

Solution Grandview Farms had a deep well-established relationship with Maximus due to installing Maximus Controllers at many of their sites including their two sow farms. When introduced to Maximus Software, Grandview had already known Maximus for superior products and support. Maximus Software offers a web-based solution with mobile data acquisition that is extremely efficient. The data is secure in a private cloud network and is accessible 24/7/365 via the Internet.

“The software along with the RFID tags has saved a lot of time and duplication of record keeping.  We have also seen a significant cost savings.”

Tom Dittmer, Grandview Farms, describing the adaption of Maximus Sow Software

The Maximus Sow Mobile application to collect data works online and offline therefore being connected to the Internet at all times is not required. The Application is very easy to use and easily adopted by farm personnel and is available in multiple languages. The application includes data error logic which ensures data integrity. The Mobile Application also has an activity dashboard and simple action lists built in for things such as due to farrow, due to wean and so on. The Maximus Software team was able to convert all our historical data overnight and Grandview had no down time. Training employees was simple because of the well written interface which uses icons. The Mobile Application also allows for using RFID tags which proves to be very effective and saves a lot of time and duplication.

Result “Today using Maximus Sow Software we have streamlined the data flow. This has allowed us to greatly improve accuracy, efficiencies and time spent on record keeping. Also, having self-reliance and control inside our operation. Finally, there was a significant cost savings.” Said Tom Dittmer, owner Grandview Farms.

Tom stated “Our employees feel it has made their life easier and admit the data is far more accurate because it is being captured at the slat level.” ​“The mobile application is simple to use and all sow data can be captured whether the device is online or off-line.” said Lisa Butler, Maximus Software Solution Manager. As part of the minimal software service fee, Maximus provides superior customer support.

“We pride ourselves on our responsive support and implementation team, all who have real production experience.”

Lisa Butler, Maximus Solutions Manager

Tom also stated “The Maximus Software Team has been instrumental in helping with the transition. To this day, whenever a question comes up, staff members reach out directly and they get back to us right away with either a solution or are able to help us troubleshoot.”

With the Maximus Sow Software, farms are able to respond to production concerns in a much faster manner. Features like breed targets and pigs projected to wean are standard features. Customers can also customize and manage the reporting they need in real-time. Tom stated “Maximus Sow Software is simple and easy to use, we use less paper, our records are more accurate and utilize real- time data for better decisions has been a great success for us.”

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