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Make the transition to Loose Housing a positive experience.

Let’s meet Lee Carte, Director of Production of High Lean Pork since 1995.

In 2012, we began implementing Maximus controllers in our barns to monitor and control the production environment and equipment. In about 2014 the state of Michigan where we are located changed the laws regarding sow housing requirements and so we began converting our gestation stalls to the Maximus Free Access ESF. Our decision was easy, we already had confidence in the Maximus System and the ability to control the environment and our sow feeding under one system made more sense than having to implement a whole other system just for feeding the sows. No other company was able to offer a complete package.

Today, after converting multiple farms I can affirm that the Maximus Free Access ESF has always performed to our expectations. Our system now has 20,000 sows on the Maximus Free Access ESF System, it is a reliable system. When our sows were in the stalls, we had no way of knowing if the employees were checking on every sow every day or if every sow had eaten her designated ration every day. Now we are confident that every sow eats every day and receives the exact quantity of feed we have designated to her.

We were skeptical at first that sows would actually back out of the Free Access stations, what we have found is that the sows typically figure out how to get in/out of the feeding station after a couple of hours and after one feeding experience they have trained themselves. In fact, without the Maximus system, I would never have realized that most sows prefer to eat from midnight to 5:00 AM! Another benefit I observed since we have this Free Access ESF, is that sows are even more docile and calm in the feed station than they were in the individual gestation stalls, as they experience less stress, and are less agitated.

The simplistic hardware design of this Maximus Free Access ESF station is well designed and built and the system minimizes maintenance, increases longevity, and makes it very reliable without constant repairs. These factors were important criteria when making our Loose Housing decision. We have always received great service from the whole Maximus and Maximum Ag Tech team! All of this has made the transition to Loose Housing a positive experience.

Lee Carte – Director of Production

High Lean Pork Inc. (Michigan)

First and largest System to be equipped with Maximus Free Access ESF in the US.

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