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The MAXIMUS Solution is a state-of-the-art upgradable system for poultry, hog, and dairy farming.  The MAXIMUS solution involves remotely and safely managing your facilities using your computer, your smart phone, or your tablet. MAXIMUS is the most reliable and multipurpose system on the market. It automates a large part of your company’s management. 

Our objective is to contribute to your company's performance with automation solutions that ensure the well-being of your animals and optimize your results. MAXIMUS is also designed to improve your environmental results, thanks to a more efficient use of your energy and resources. Our commitment is to offer technologically advanced solutions that fit your current and future needs. We want your experience to be pleasant and profitable.

Maximum AG Technologies is agricultural product provider.

We offer speedy delivery, no-fuss service and high-quality products.​ 


In addition to our MAXIMUS controllers, we provide the following category of products :

Scales (bird/bin) , Sensors , Actuators , Fuse boxes, Lights, Water meters, Air inlets.

Maximum Ag team at last year's shows :

Maximum Ag Technologies Corporate Office

6726 Roger Drive, Suite A

Jenison, MI  49428

Phone:  (616) 350-9000

​Fax:  (616) 209-7319

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